About Blue Foundry Bank

I have been a customer of BSSB for many years and I love it. Why are you changing the name? We’ve renamed ourselves Blue Foundry Bank because we no longer want to be looked at as simply a savings bank. This is more than a name change, we have rebranded to align more closely with our mission; a bank where things are made; like strong relationships, ideas, business solutions, financial plans. We want to bring attention to our expanding product line and new services; accounts that revolve around you; AXIS checking/savings/MM and CD’s. Improved overdraft protection (BPA), new business services (cash management; remote deposit capture, positive pay, ACH), small business credit lines and personal overdraft credit lines will soon be available.

We also listened to what our team and customers thought, and we came up with something new while still maintaining our commitment to the communities we serve. It doesn’t sound like a bank because we aren’t like any other. Something better. Something completely different. So unique that we’re sure you won’t forget it.

Are you being taken over by another bank? Have you merged with another bank? Absolutely not. We are still the same strong bank that we have been since 1939. We are excited to keep our commitment to the communities we serve, but with a new name and look, and with the same dedicated staff. The bank invested over a year in making this decision. We held focus groups with employees, customers and non-customers. We discovered that many people thought our name and logo looked dated – so it was time for a change.

Will the website change? Yes our website has changed and we are very excited about it. Visit us at

What does the new name and logo stand for? A foundry is a place where remarkable, useful, long lasting things are made. Similarly, this is a bank where we make good things, like relationships, ideas, solutions, business success stories, financial plans and dreams.

Will your bank go public? Going public is not part of our rebranding strategy. We are a well-capitalized bank and we enjoy the benefits of being a mutual which we will continue to do as long as it is strategically advantageous.

Will this change affect my accounts? Can I still use my checks? No worries - you will be able to continue using your current checks without interruption since no Boiling Springs’ deposit or loan account numbers will be changing. When you are ready to order new checks you will receive checks with our new name and logo. Basic printed checks are still complimentary (for certain accounts).

Will the routing number change or will there be any impact to my direct deposit or ACH? No. Our routing number and your account number will remain the same, no changes. Your direct deposits and ACHs will continue without interruption.

Will my accounts still be FDIC insured? At Blue Foundry Bank deposits are FDIC protected and insured. There will be no changes to our FDIC insurance coverage limits.

Can I still use my ATM and Debit Card? Yes. You may continue to use your ATM and Debit Cards. When your card expires you will receive a new one in the mail. If at any time you want to replace your debit card with a new branded card, stop by any one of our branches where we will provide you a Blue Foundry Bank card. You will also begin to see new upgraded ATM’s at all branch locations; no deposit envelopes will be required, and of course no ATM fees worldwide with an AXIS debit card!

Will the branch personnel I enjoy working with remain in their branches? Remember, we are the same great bank, with the same great employees. In fact, over the past several months we have trained our tellers and platform staff to become Universal Bankers! Now more employees, have greater knowledge to assist you with a multitude of things when you come in to the bank.

Will there be changes to Online Banking or my Mobile App? Yes. Beginning on July 1, when launching the app, all customers will receive a popup informing them that a new version of the app is available. A week following the update, the prompt will force all who have not yet updated their app to do so. 

Will I receive a new Credit Card? You will be able to continue to use your current card until it expires, at which time you will be reissued a new Blue Foundry Bank credit card.

Will the branch signage change? Yes, over the next several months signage will continue to change throughout our branch network. Branches will begin to be redesigned to accommodate the new Universal Banker staff…one stop service!

Will there be new contact information? Our contact information will remain the same with the exception of our new website and email address:

Corporate Headquarters 25 Orient Way Rutherford, NJ 07070 1-201-939-5000