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Blue Foundry Bank Reaches a Philanthropic Milestone with Over $4MM in Donations

With an unyielding commitment to community, Blue Foundry Bank has announced Q1 2020 donations in excess of $42,000 to 121 local nonprofit organizations. This in turn has brought the bank’s Community Alliance Program’s (CAP) total contributions to over $4,000,000 since its inception in 2006.

“This program is at the heart of who we are and what we do as a company; reaching this benchmark is a testament to that,” said James D. Nesci, CEO and President of Blue Foundry Bank. “We look forward to continuing these efforts to create a lasting impact in the communities we serve.”

The key objective of the Community Alliance Program is to give individuals and businesses an opportunity to give back to their favorite nonprofit organizations, and a way for those organizations to receive contributions at zero cost. The program itself is exclusive to Blue Foundry Bank account holders and allows them to designate their account(s) to any enrolled CAP organization. Each quarter, the enrolled nonprofits that maintain at least 20 designated supporters receive donations. This long-standing initiative is completely cost-free to both members and supporters. All supporter information is kept confidential and donations come directly from the bank.

The Wyckoff Senior Citizens Club is just one of the many organizations enrolled in CAP. With 50 members in total, the club serves to offer its seniors a place to get together and foster friendships. Since its CAP enrollment in 2013, the group has received a notable $54,639 in donations. These contributions awarded over the past seven years have given the organization the opportunity to provide delicious, well-rounded weekly meals to its members completely free of charge. Kathleen Macchiarelli, President of the Wyckoff Senior Citizens Club says, “Joining the Community Alliance Program is the best thing we ever did.”

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