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Blue Foundry Bank Launches Innovative Property Management Tools

Blue Foundry Bank has partnered with ZSuiteTechnologies to provide digital security deposit account management, and automatic rent and condo fee payment solutions. Through these no-cost products, known as ZRent and ZDeposit, Blue Foundry can offer its landlord and real estate property management clients solutions to automate critical and time-sensitive initiatives.

“We could not be more excited to enter the greater New Jersey metro area with the addition of Blue Foundry Bank as a partner financial institution,” said Nathan Baumeister, CEO of ZSuite Technologies. “Our whole mission is to partner with financial institutions so that they can provide greater value to important client verticals. Blue Foundry Bank is a leader and innovator in going above and beyond for its clients; we are proud to be their partner."

ZDeposit relieves the stress of opening and managing security deposit accounts for landlords and property managers. Customers have the ability to open security deposit accounts in seconds from their device of choice. Afterwards, rather than tracking and managing the accounting and compliance issues manually, landlords and property managers can rely on ZDeposit to generate disclosures, send annual interest payments directly to tenants, and facilitate other state mandated compliance.

ZRent works by automatically deducting rent payments from the tenant’s bank account and depositing them directly into the landlord or property manager’s account. Tenants can set and forget their monthly payments, and landlords will no longer have the hassle of collecting checks and making the trip to the bank. ZRent also provides peace of mind for the landlords, who will now receive one complete payment for each unit on the same day every month.

“Real estate property managers and landlords have long been an integral customer segment to our bank”, shared Vincent Micco, EVP and Chief Lending Officer at Blue Foundry Bank. “We are always looking for ways to provide additional value to these important clients and we're excited to have found such innovative and effective tools with ZRent and ZDeposit.”

Simple, secure, and cost-free, ZDeposit and ZRent are designed to make easy work of rental finances for tenants, landlords, and property managers. To learn more about these cutting-edge products visit and

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