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Blue Foundry Bank Announces Donations to Local Charities through Its Community Alliance Program

Blue Foundry Bank announced a 2019 Q2 payout of $70,132 to 140 local, New Jersey organizations enrolled in its Community Alliance Program (CAP).

The philanthropic program offers individuals and businesses a cost-free way to give back to their favorite regional non-profits, simply by holding an account at Blue Foundry Bank and designating it to an enrolled CAP organization. The program is completely confidential and all donations come directly from the Bank. In the 13-year existence of this program, the innovative bank has awarded a remarkable $3.8 million.

“Hundreds of organizations have been able to continue their meaningful work thanks to donations they have received through our Community Alliance Program,” said Debra Cannariato, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Blue Foundry Bank. “Giving back to organizations our account holders feel passionate about has always been a hallmark of our CAP program and we will continue to champion our customers, and our core values, through this effort."


Pictured: Theresa O’Keefe (Senior Vice President, Blue Foundry Bank) hands Father Michael Kreder (Pastor, Church of Saint Mary) a check for $179,819.99 representing the total amount of donations the church has earned through the bank’s Community Alliance Program (CAP) since they enrolled in 2008.

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