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Blue Foundry Bank Unveils New Administrative Offices in Parsippany

Blue Foundry Bank announced the opening of its innovative 40,000 square foot Administrative Offices at 7 Sylvan Way in Parsippany, New Jersey. The Bank’s new corporate hub, designed by DMR Architects, reflects the bank’s reinvention and offers employees the opportunity to work collectively in a flexible workspace. The space provides a modern, technologically infused working environment aligned to its growth strategy and plans for building teams, expanding products and services, and meeting the needs of its employees, customers and communities. All while keeping the health and safety of its employees a top priority.

Upon entering the newly designed Blue Foundry Bank offices, guests are greeted by the Bank’s Community Managers who guide the overall workspace experience. A tour of the office reveals impressive wooden and industrial design elements that complement the Bank’s recently renovated branches. In addition, the space features many customized finishes including 14 different ceiling types, modern light fixtures, reservable sit/stand workstations and unique amenities such as a wellness room, lounges with fireplaces and a Café which serves as a unique space for teams to connect.

“It was important to me that the design elements represent the brand, create a collaborative workspace, and are safe and welcoming for our team members,” said James D. Nesci, President & CEO at Blue Foundry Bank. “Creating this experiential and comfortable office area is key to fostering motivation among our employees so they can craft unique and personalized solutions for our customers.”

Blue Foundry Bank’s offices were designed with current cultural context top-of-mind, supported by the implementation of new technology to keep team members working remotely connected to internal systems. The physical space reflects the same need for fluidity with its technology-enabled environment, which affords team members the opportunity for a hybrid work schedule. The design provides flexibility so that no matter how an employee chooses to work, collaborate or gather there is an energetic and stimulating space in which to do so.

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